One of the most exciting products to enter the signage industry in decades is the digital sign.

A digital sign is truly like having a thousand signs in one product, doing just about everything you would want and expect from street advertising. Digital signs are the most attention-grabbing product currently available and have an excellent track record of increasing sales and profits.

Digital Sign Facts:
  • The two most dominant products are Tri Color Digital, used primarily for words and animations, and Full Color, which includes words, animations, videos, and photos.
  • Full Color Signs have many levels of clarity. The millimeter, or pitch, is a number that describes the distance between each pixel. The lower the number, the higher quality the graphic or video.
  • LED AND SMD signs are both available. SMD signs are more energy efficient, have no brightness decrease, and lasts longer.
  • Based on a five second message, you will have approximately 17,280 messages per day! No other form of advertising even comes close.
The impact Digital Signs have on your business:
  • With 1,000 signs in one, you have the ability to display what is important to you right now.
  • You can change your sign as often as you change your mind.
  • You can display time and temperature.
  • You can focus in on products and services.
  • Eliminates other advertising expenses
  • Digital signs are the least expensive and most effective form of advertising.

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With over 17 years of experience in outdoor signs and marketing,

Digital Signs and Marketing (DSM) understands the truth - you are not simply looking for a sign, nor do you want to spend money on marketing. Rather, you want more customers, a better image and to increase your profits. When done right, signage can have a huge impact on a business bottom line.


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Content Creation

If you need help creating content for your digital sign, the experts at DSM can as well as come up with content that best represents your brand as well as the message you want to send. We also offer digital sign upgrades and in some cases, sign refurbishing. Simply contact us, and we can discuss your signage needs and get started creating the perfect digital sign for your business.