Lighted Signs

Your primary sign serves as your business card, and should be a combination of the ability to attract attention as well as present a positive image. It is the connecting link from the traffic that passes your business every day, and often plays a huge factor in the level of your success.

Your business sign is the first impression that prospective customers have of your company, from which they judge the quality of your work as well as the level of your success. It is important to make the most of your first impression, as you only get one chance to do so!

At Digital Signs and Marketing, our goal is to produce a long-lasting product that is a true reflection of your brand imaging.
  • We start with an aluminum frame, which prevents rusting, and have it painted to match the colors of your marketing plan.
  • LED lighting is used to lower operation costs and provide brighter and more even lighting throughout the sign. LED lighting not only lasts longer, but it yields significantly lower usage and maintenance.
  • DSM uses Lexan or other unbreakable plastics in order to produce a sign that will last longer. On certain materials, warranties against breakage are available.
  • A raised panel will eliminate hot spots and dark spots on your sign. This improves the appearance of your sign, making it look more professional.
  • A raised letter will create readability at a severe angle, and at a much greater distance.
  • Raised logo or photo finish on all sign designs
  • Our finished product will create a visual target on your street. Our mission is to create an unforgettable visual product that generates impulse business and leaves a permanent impression on every potential customer passing by your business.

We also offer upgrades to an existing sign, saving you the expense of install and replacing the entire sign. New sign faces can bring newness to your business. In some cases, we can provide for sign refurbishing – simply contact us for details!

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Digital LED Signs

One of the most exciting products to enter the signage industry in decades is the digital sign.

A digital sign is truly like having a thousand signs in one product, doing just about everything you would want and expect from street advertising. Digital signs are the most attention-grabbing product currently available and have an excellent track record of increasing sales and profits.

Digital Sign Facts:
  • The two most dominant products are Tri Color Digital, used primarily for words and animations, and Full Color, which includes words, animations, videos, and photos.
  • Full Color Signs have many levels of clarity. The millimeter, or pitch, is a number that describes the distance between each pixel. The lower the number, the higher quality the graphic or video.
  • LED AND SMD signs are both available. SMD signs are more energy efficient, have no brightness decrease, and lasts longer.
  • Based on a five second message, you will have approximately 17,280 messages per day! No other form of advertising even comes close.
The impact Digital Signs have on your business:
  • With 1,000 signs in one, you have the ability to display what is important to you right now.
  • You can change your sign as often as you change your mind.
  • You can display time and temperature.
  • You can focus in on products and services.
  • Eliminates other advertising expenses
  • Digital signs are the least expensive and most effective form of advertising.

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The digital revolution is here, and companies are taking advantage of its marketing benefits. The world is steadily evolving in terms of technology, including the way businesses advertise.

Known for their prominent and noticeable form of advertising, billboards are experiencing an exciting makeover as businesses and advertising companies continue to upgrade their technology to include outdoor digital signage. This type of signage allows for unique, bright lighting displays that provide a more dynamic image, standing out better and attracting and engaging potential customers.

Research has continued to prove the benefits of digital signage, with the most recent Arbitron Out-Of-Home Advertising Study finding that billboards are the most viewed OOH media, with two-thirds of travelers viewing a billboard advertisement in the course of the month, and four out of ten viewing a digital billboard. In addition, eight out of ten billboard viewers indicated that they made a point to look at the advertising message on the billboard.

Having your own billboard is an exciting venture, with numerous possibilities for income. If you charged just one penny per exposure, using a five second message, your gross profits for one pay period would be $5184.00. A pay period is usually four weeks, which would bring in 67,392.00 for one year for one side of a billboard! Large billboard companies in large cities are getting as mush as 8.5 cents per exposure. This is truly a profit center.

When it comes to a digital sign or billboard, creating the proper content is a must for the sign, and message it sends, to be a success. Digital Signs and Marketing offers personalized content packages, in which our decades of expertise are used to help you create effective content.

In addition, DSM can also sell space for your billboard and help you to build a successful client base. If you are having trouble coming up with ideas or are looking for a fresh new approach, we can also train your team on how to create the perfect content, as well as selling advertising space.

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Video Walls

Nothing makes a good first impression like a Video Wall. Video Walls have evolved to become an increasingly popular marketing tool, because of their impressive appearance and eye-catching ability. Today’s panels are thinner, lighter and more affordable than they have been in past years thanks to new sign technology.

With a Video Wall, you can create a marketing visual on a massive scale that is dynamic and appealing, with the use of multi-screen panels arranged in such a way that they provide an ideal display solution for any business market.

Visible and Versatile Displays With Digital Signs & Marketing

Trade show displays and signs have taken advantage of the advances in technology to capture the attention of their customers. Digital Signs & Marketing (DSM) can transform your marketing experience with a custom Video Wall Solution that can help you feature products and/or services that provide a unique outlook into your business.

A video wall can contribute dramatically to an existing booth or display, adding a level of promotion that may have previously been unattainable. Video Walls allow you to showcase products in a way that provides information that cannot be relayed with a print display, in an eye-catching manner that can draw attention.

Build Your Brand With An Interactive Video Wall

Touchscreen technology is one of the newer additions to the digital family, making it possible for prospective customers to interact with the Video Wall display in a way that keeps them engaged and generates interest. Whether it is a product demonstration or a showcase of the various products and services offered, Video Wall displays can be customized to create a one-of-a-kind experience that customers will remember.

The experts at DSM can work with you to create a display solution that best represents your brand and your company. Whether you are looking for a stunning visual or an interactive experience, DSM can help to make your digital marketing vision a reality. Contact us today!

NEC’s portfolio of high-quality commercial- and professional-grade digital video wall solutions are ideal for dynamic digital signage and informational video wall applications. NEC’s exclusive TileMatrix™ and TileComp™ technologies, combined with LED backlighting, high definition resolution and the ultra-narrow bezels, allow for simple installation and bright, astonishing video walls.

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Vehicle Wraps

Digital Signs and Marketing can help turn your vehicle or fleet of vehicles into moving billboards with a quality vehicle wrap.

Statistics published by Outdoor Advertising Association of America indicate that a vehicle wrap can generate anywhere from 30 to 70 thousand impressions each day. With your brand message traveling around each day, a vehicle wrap is the perfect way to attract attention and reach thousands of prospective customers.

DSM can work with you to create the right vehicle wrap that will help to showcase and build your brand, as well as make your vehicle stand out. We understand that each vehicle is unique, and we will ensure that your vehicle wrap is attractive and eye-catching, so your vehicle will get the attention that it deserves.

Take advantage of the benefits of this form of advertising, which is cost-effective as well as an excellent form of advertising, and showcase your business to the public. DSM will provide you with a finished product that is of the highest quality, transforming your vehicle into an attention-grabbing billboard on wheels.

For more information on vehicle wraps, contact the professionals at Digital Signs and Marketing today! We are confident that we can have the perfect vehicle wrap designed and produced to suits both your needs and your budget.

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