Why Use A Message Center to Market your Business

October 10th, 2017
  1. There are 86,400 seconds in each and every day. If you run a 5 second message, you will have over 17,000 messages per day! Over 120,000 messages each week! That is close to ½ million messages each month, No form of advertising give you any greater exposure!
  2. You can change you sign as often as you change your mind. You can change your focus as your business needs change. This change can occur weekly but it also might change at any given moment!
  3. If I arrive at you business each day, installed your EMC, walk in, programmed your top 10 specials and ask you for $20 dollars, would you do it? Well that is exactly what I am asking you, except after 3 years I will not ask you for any more money, and you can keep the sign!
  4. Customer, the average person will look at their clock or watch over sixty times a day, The most read message is right after the time! We absolutely know that the time and temperature are one of the most powerful ways to get everybody, not just your customers, but your future customers, to look at your business.
  5. Customer, the electronic message center is literally thousands of signs in one, it can be one thing today, and be something completely different tomorrow. It can take any idea that you might have and allow you to test the idea without additional cost! It can say anything that you want it to!
  6. Customer, if you were, right now, to decide you wanted to place an ad, and lets say you called your newspaper, or your radio station, you would have to go through a process of writing that ad, and visits from the sales person laying it out and within a month from now, that ad would go on the radio or in the newspaper. With a electronic message centers, you can decide right now that you want to advertise a particular product or service, literally walk over to your computer, type in one line, and very simply, this very second, your advertising would start.  And the nice thing about that is, that action does not cost you one penny.  All the other forms of advertising, that action, you’re going to need to write a check for.  This is your least costly and by far your most effective form of advertising.
  7. Customer, 3M did a study, and they discovered that by focusing in on one product or service, you can increase the volume of that product or service by over fifty five percent on your business.
  8. No one misses an EMC! You instantly become a visual target. Message Centers have the highest attention getting value of all signage! It give you the ability to reach out and put your arms around each customer driving by your business and introduce yourself.

With over 17 years of experience in outdoor signs and marketing,

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