Separating Fact from Fiction in Digital Signage

digital signage
May 14th, 2018

Digital signage is an effective way to deliver rich media content to audiences. Airports, schools, restaurants, and many others use this type of digital signage to engage their audience daily. Content is key to using digital signage effectively. Without the right content, your investment in an LED sign could go to waste. To utilize LED signs correctly, it is important to understand what digital signage is and how to use it effectively.

What a Digital Sign is and What it is Not

1.     Digital signs are not a bulletin board. LED signs serve as a direct source of information for viewers. To capture the attention and focus of someone driving or walking by it is important to limit your message to a short sentence that can still leave an impression and engage the reader in an instant. Also, avoid listing events, messages, announcements or other lengthy information that will distract the reader.

2.     Digital signage is not static. Fresh content is key to utilizing your LED sign to its fullest potential. Viewers want up to date, real-time information so they can stay in tune with your business or organization, keeping them engaged and more likely to return. If you allow content to become stale, your audience will lose interest. Know your audience and customize the content to suit them.

3.     LED signs are great for indoor or outdoor displays, but they do not function the same way as an HD television. Whether your audience is viewing your sign from a moving vehicle or while walking down the sidewalk, it is important for you to know the average viewing distance so the content can be formatted in a way that is readable. Unlike an HD television that needs millions of pixels, an LED sign may only contain thousands of pixels making it important to avoid flashing, twirling, or other distracting pictures and information to ensure the content will be easy to view and read.

4.     Digital signage is a fun medium, not just a dull, informative document. To engage your viewers, you want to be sure you are giving your messages or announcements an eye-catching look. You want the sign to catch the viewer’s attention in a professional yet effective way. To do this, focus on:

  • Font
  • Text size
  • Sign layout
  • Screen contrast
  • Colors and shapes of images

Digital signage should demand attention from your audience with readable and relevant information that peaks their interest and engages them with your business or organization. Before you buy, be sure to research LED signs or contact Digital Signs and Marketing to learn more.

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Content Creation

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