Elements of Great Retail LED Signage

March 29th, 2018

You desire to purchase a retail LED sign for your business but you may not know exactly what you are looking for since not all LED signs are not the same. You want to deliver the ideal message to the greatest number of customers at once, but choosing this digital sign is not always easy. There are several factors that you must consider to set your business up with the greatest chance of success. Once you choose the right digital sign, you will be set to have your digital sign installed and ready to scoop up your customers. Follow these guidelines to safeguard your investment:

1.       Local Customer Service

The components and systems within an LED digital sign are complex and require great oversight into how they are installed and how the setup is completed. Having a local focal point will enable you to have support when updates on software or if you are having issues programming the sign. Digital signs and marketing also provides local marketing packages with frequent updates, graphic design and strategy.

2.       Warranty

When you purchase your digital sign, be sure there is a warranty locked-in place, without loop holes that provide the manufacturer an out. Like any mechanical device, there is wear and tear. Unfortunately, there are also times when a component fails in general. Be sure that the warranty for your digital sign is iron clad, and includes at least 5 years of parts and on-site labor.

3.       Fair Price

Digital sign, and digital sign installation, pricing will vary greatly from one supplier to the next. There are many different models with different capabilities so be sure the one you have your eye has been priced fairly.

4.       Customization

Be sure the digital sign you choose fits the message you want to convey. If you need versatility, be sure the digital sign you invest in can change as your company changes and grows. Whether you have specific digital sign installation needs or varied message delivery needs, there is a digital sign for you. Do not sell yourself short on current, or future, needs.

5.       Quality Parts

Industry standards are fine if you want a digital sign that is fine. To ensure you have quality components and lighting, make sure your digital sign company exceeds industry standards. Be sure they include wide viewing angles and that there is high contrast in its display. How the digital sign is installed should not be overlooked either. The compartment that houses your digital sign should be nothing less than aluminum.

Your retail LED digital sign is an investment, and often costly, that will bring you a return on this investment. Not just any digital sign will do though. Do your homework and pay attention to the details. It is important to be mindful of: the digital sign’s country of origin; the quality of craftsmanship; the manufacturer’s warranty; prices of similar models; the digital sign’s customization abilities; lastly, the components and parts’ quality.

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