4 Reasons for an Automotive Dealership to Switch to Digital Signage

March 9th, 2018

The days of static poster signage are over. In an ever-changing media environment, customers expect an up-to-date flow of information regarding the products they are interested in. In a tech savvy city like Pittsburgh, signs throughout the city are turning digital. Billboards are a great example of how a digital sign can wow potential customers. You won’t have to look too far to find a Pittsburgh digital sign company, so converting your stationary and drab showroom littered with outdated signage to a visceral environment that warms a customer to the next great thing will be seamless. The benefits of digital signs are many, but narrowing them down to the top four include: Engagement, Timeliness, Warming, and Loyalty


Often, when a customer enters a showroom, the last thing they want to happen first is to be approached by a salesperson. Many times, they prefer to take their time and look around. A digital experience in a showroom will permit them to do just that. They will surely engage with a digital kiosk that is displaying the models of vehicles that you want to push. Moreover, these kiosks can be interactive, allowing the customer to customize their experience. This experience will be designed by a digital sign company with your dealership’s guidance, so it is your message. Watching a digital video of the vehicle in action will encourage the customer to seek deeper knowledge about this vehicle, often leading to a test drive. This is when your skilled sales crew can land the deal.


In the ever-changing automobile market, new technologies crop up in no time at all it seems. In a static environment, as soon as print signage is received and then displayed, it is outdated. Additionally, the time spent by staff, to remove and replace, could be put to much better use. One of the greatest benefits to digital signage is the swift turnaround when you want to push the latest and the greatest.  All of this can be done with a directive to the digital sign company to update the message to include whatever promotion or vehicle the dealership wants to push at any given time.


A car dealership has many components to it—triage, service, sales, and parts to name a few. There will always be customers in these areas at any given time. Setting up digital signs in each of these areas provides the opportunity to deliver a message before that customer has ever been approached by any specific salesperson. Embed your message before your salesperson approaches a cold customer. Perhaps there is a trade-in special or new upgrades that can be performed by your service department. Allowing the customer to engage with the video and to consider, on their own, how this can enhance their driving experience, will set the stage for your expert sales team to pitch to a more knowledgeable customer. Cold calling is not very effective, but speaking to a customer that has now come up with this idea on their own will be much more effective.


Digital signage allows you to create a unique and impressive experience from the moment your customers enter the showroom. A digital sign company can create a user-friendly, loyalty-building experience. A welcome kiosk will allow a customer to check-in and alleviate wait-time anxiety. They can eventually build a profile that has been customized based on their purchase history and needs. As your customers are treated well, their ability to maintain and control their history through this interaction will only encourage these customers to stay with you. Additionally, with custom programming, you will be able to control the message, and the lack of message, from your competitors.

Every time you deliver your engaging message through digital signs, you are positioning your dealership in front of your competitors. This customer engagement, while providing timely advertising, will warm your customer to your message, leaving them wanting to come back car after car.

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