With over 17 years of experience in outdoor signs and marketing,

Digital Signs and Marketing (DSM) understands the truth - you are not simply looking for a sign, nor do you want to spend money on marketing. Rather, you want more customers, a better image and to increase your profits. When done right, signage can have a huge impact on a business bottom line.


Digital and LED Sign Installation

We have the answers to your marketing needs.

Contact us for an analysis so we can help you strategically choose the right product and location, to get the most out of your advertising budget. At DSM, we offer you a personal, onsite analysis of your unique wants and needs. Based on your needs, we offer logo designs to help brand your business, content creation for digital signs as well as a variety of marketing concepts. Our marketing concepts are designed to not only help use our products to the fullest, but to enhance your visibility in the marketplace. Our goal is to create immediate and long term results, with the ability to adjust to an ever-changing marketplace.

We offer COD, lease-to-own and pre-pay discounts.


At Digital Signs and Marketing, what we bring to the table is our decades of experience, which gives us a specialized knowledge of what actually works. With this expert knowledge, we will design the perfect sign, that matches not only your location, but your long-term goals as well.

We understand that the right sign can have an immediate impact on your bottom line, increasing your walk-in traffic while improving your image and profits. It is an amazing accomplishment to watch a business achieve growth from the proper use of its on-premise sign, even after it believed that it had already reached its highest level. A franchise implements the same ideas throughout its locations in order to market and succeed. These same ideas can work for you. Let the experts at Digital Signs and Marketing help you create a sign that is unforgettable, noticeable, and focused on your particular products and services.